Cultivating More Than Produce

Inique Johnson

Since the 6th grade, 14 year old Inek Johnson has been interested in music. "I like playing other people's music, especially jazz and blues," she stated. A trombone player, Inek is a member of the Estacado Marching Band. Her ambitions are to attend Texas Tech University or Texas Christian University on a volleyball scholarship. Upon earning her bachelor's degree, Inek would like to attend law school.

Inek stated that what she likes most about school is learning new things and applying what she learns to real life. Inek had an opportunity to do just that this summer, as she participated in the Garden Initiative Program. Under the leadership of Michele Cook, students were engaged in the maintenance and production of a garden of healthy and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. Afforded an opportunity with hands-on education, Inek thought the experience aided with not only learning sales tactics, but dealing with rejection. "People reject you because they don't want to buy anything. Some people only want the free samples, but it motivates me because they are still taking what we grow."

Inek's favorite subject is math, and one of the things she enjoys most is helping other students with the subject matter. Inek also participates in competitive athletics and currently plays on the junior varsity volleyball team. She plans to run track and compete in the hurdles and relays in the spring.

When asked what she likes most about herself, Inek responded, "I never talk down on people." Additionally, Inek credits her spiritual upbringing for her attitude. A member of Divine Love Baptist Church Youth Choir, Inek stated, "I don't talk about people or make them feel bad about themselves." Inek's mother, LaTasha Johnson was not surprised by her daughter's response. "I raised my kids that way. You never know what you could make of friends who have nothing. I don't teach them to throw stuff away. I tell them to find someone to give them away." Miss Johnson went on to say "Inek is a brilliant young lady. I knew since she was in the 3rd grade that she would be someone special."

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